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Garri (Cassava Granule) Ketupat

Ketupat Tiwul

Hello, #BestNic! Can you believe we're already at the end of Ramadan? That means in a matter of days, some of the BestNics will enter a special moment, which is Eid al-Fitr 🥰 


Well, talking about celebrating Eid al-Fitr in Indonesia, we certainly can't separate ourselves from various festivities and its very typical atmosphere, BestNic. Starting from the tradition of mudik (going back to hometown), gathering with extended family, distributing THR (holiday allowance), to various special dishes like ketupat, opor, rendang, gulai, and many more.


But yesterday, Nona's friend confided something. She said secretly during Eid, she tends to feel guilty because Ramadan dishes usually are high in calories and often cause drastic blood sugar spikes. :(


Hmmm, it wouldn't be Nonanic if I couldn't provide a solution for Nona's friend and also all the #BestNics here who are experiencing the same concern. I got you!


Let me share a recipe for low-calorie ketupat, diabetes-friendly, and suitable for those intolerant to rice because it's made without rice! Yes, you heard it right.