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Multigrain Sweet Potato Drink

Minuman Ubi Multigrain

Hi, BestNic! What are you all up to? Heard you're all working so hard you forget to go home, huh? Huhehhee don't tire yourselves out, #BestNic. I just want to remind you, work to live your life. Don't live to work, okay :( who will accompany me traveling if you keep working :( 

Oh but working continuously is also fine if we really enjoy and are passionate about our work. The problem arises when we're so busy working that we can't rest, our health gets affected, especially if we end up with the trendy disease nowadays, which is acid reflux. That means we need to revise our time-management, right? (But don't stay silent, no desire at all. Wake up hey, you're not a billionaire yet:( )


Speaking of acid reflux, do you guys know that viral purple drink, which is believed to cure acid reflux? Well, this time Nona wants to share a similar but not the same drink recipe. Miss's version of the drink is equally delicious but made healthier because it's homemade and without artificial colors or preservatives, of course.